Rhizovator™ A1

Rhizovator™ A1 is a combination of biostimulants with a trace element package suited for acid soil types. Designed to use down the tube in broadacre crops at planting to stimulate root systems and plant establishment.


Benefits of Rhizovator™ A1

  • Increases root biomass
  • Promotes early seedling development
  • Supports beneficial microbes including fungi
  • Supplies early trace element requirements
  • Improves nutrient use efficiency
  • Improves water use efficiency
  • Increases leaf chlorophyll levels


This product must be applied to the soil and can diluted for ease of spreading.


Dryland Broadacre Crops
Apply 4 L/ha down the tube at planting in a convenient volume of water. A 1:5 dilution with water is ideal.

Irrigated Broadacre Crops
Apply 6-12 L/ha down the tube at planting in a convenient volume of water.

It is strongly recommended that Rhizovator™ is not placed on the seed.

Rhizovator™ A1 is to be placed over or next to the seed with a buffer of at least 2cm of soil.

When mixing with other liquid fertilizers, test for compatibility with a small quantity in a jar.

Do not mix with low pH products


20, 200, 1000 Litres


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